Sunbury Medical Centre
Sunbury Medical Centre 
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(03) 9744 8999

TWO locations ONE convenient number!

The Sunbury Medical Centre is a fully Accredited, GP owned and run medical centre. It has been in operation continually for nearly ten years and the experienced and enthusiastic doctors provide a wide range of medical services.

Moreover the practice is accredited for teaching young GP's (Registrars) who provide an additional source of enthusiasm to the practice. 

Our two premises are very closely situated and provide full time nursing backup and support. Our large treatment rooms provide the opportunity to treat a range of minor surgical conditions in addition to our office consultations. The Doctors currently working with us provide a range of experience and knowledge and give our patients a wide choice of styles.

We have Two female doctors at present who are experienced in women's health issues and shared Maternity care. We constantly undergo review and undertake regular accreditation proceedings to ensure that the practice and its Doctors maintain the highest standards and provide up to date and expert medical care.            



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